So this is where I’m supposed to be very tactful while bragging about how good I am and how wonderful the results will be… I’ll be honest, I do not like being sweet talked, and I’m sure you don’t either.

I enjoy various kinds of photography. The¬†challenge is to create that unique image and a moment that will last forever with a sense of realism. Be it scenery, people, events or studio work, there is always that moment when the lighting, angles and subject come together perfectly. That is when I’m having the most fun, creating unique moments.

Ever seen a happy worker? Or the results of being happy while working?

What I don’t particularly like is fakery. Adding filters and effects to distract the viewer only to hide inferior work quality or to present an artificial reality is not my thing. Sure, I’ll fix a spot or remove a distracting object from the background, but I won’t do extreme editing to the point where people don’t recognise the original subject.

What you see is what you get, that is what I offer.