We work on a simple model of a fixed rate of $75 per hour per photographer and can tailor a package to your needs, however we refuse to do partial and poor quality work by skipping the all important minimal post processing step.

In addition we will always require a one on one consultation to ensure that our style and services are indeed compatible with your needs and that we can agree on the final deliverables and expectations from both sides. Should we feel we are incompatible we may decline to provide any services. This works the other way around as well. Should you feel that our services are not what you need, we will respect your decline of our quotation.


Shooting is performed per hour and can yield anything from 10 images to 200 or even 1000 images per hour depending on the complexity of the lighting set up and the number of different scenes we wish to collaborate on. The number of images can be determined during the consultation and will form the basis of our quotation. After the shoot we require different amounts of time to process the images depending on your needs.


Here are some rough examples to give you an idea:

1. Wedding from 12:00 to 22:00 (10 Hours)

  • Assuming average of 500 images
  • Basic processing of all images at 3 minutes per image (25 Hours)
  • Advanced processing of your favourite 20 selected images at 30 minutes per image (10 Hours)
  • Total 45 Hours x $75 = $3,375


2. Cycling event from 08:00 to 12:00 with 2 Photographers (8 Hours)

  • Assuming average of 5000 cyclists and we manage to get half of them (2500).
  • Basic processing of all images at 3 minutes per image (125 Hours)
  • Total 133 Hours x $75 = $9,975
  • That is just under $4 per image and event organisers typically sell them for $20 to $30 each.


3. Family portraits in the park for 1 hour

  • Assuming average of 20 images
  • Basic processing of all images at 3 minutes per image (1 Hour)
  • Advanced processing of your favourite 2 selected images at 30 minutes per image (1 Hour)
  • Total 3 Hours x $75 = $225


What does Basic and Advanced processing mean?

Basic: Image corrections to turn average images into good images like colour, saturation, contrast, exposure, sharpening, noise reduction, cropping, etc…

Advanced: Image adjustments and editing to turn good images into exceptional images such as removal of spots, blemishes, wrinkles or even some stains on clothes or adding additional effects.


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